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SONVADIA Scales is a UK based company, we sell products to  various hotels, hospitals, and fitness centres. We directly sell a range of high quality scales to consumers via our online business. Our scales go through a high calibre of testing, ensuring our products conform to international standards. 

Deciding the best weighing scale for your personal use can be difficult. SONVADIA has created a niche range of high quality scales, making the choice much easier. Each scale has a large screen, allowing you to view the weight without having to bend down. We have a variety of innovative designs that will make an attractive feature to any bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or gym. 

Advance Products  - Personal Analyser

SONVADIA has created a variety of Bathroom / Personal  Analyser Scales for those who want to track measurements
for body fat, muscle mass, BMI and more.

Traditional Weighing Scales 

SONVADIA also has a variety of mechanical bathroom, robust, easy to use and no batteries required.

Luggage scale  

Our luggage scale is the  best. The Portable Digital Luggage Scale is a must for people who frequently travel by plane or train. Having it in hand means you know how much your luggage weighs in advance so that you can avoid the unnecessary repacking or even expensive extra fees, which usually amount to more than you pay for the tickets in the first place.

Kitchen Scales 

Our digital kitchen scales integral part of every kitchen . recommend by top bakers. they typically measure far more accurately than their more traditional counterparts - especially for small amounts.

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